The Signs As She-Ra Characters

Don't deny it, you knew this would happen.

How could we, as self-respecting lady gays, NOT write an article assessing the astrological signs as She-Ra characters?

Agree/disagree with any of the signs' characters? Let us know in the comments!

Ready? For the honor of Greyskull! Let's start with...

Virgo: She-Ra

Of course She-Ra is a Virgo! She is always looking out for the well being of her friends and saving the universe, all the while leading an "it’s-complicated" love life. In regards to her relationship status, She-ra displays classic Virgo behavior by trying to fix Catra. In love, Virgos believe they can fix things that others broke and put the pieces back together, as they do so flawlessly with other aspects of their life. Believe it or not, saving the universe might be easier than saving a broken “friendship." Either way, we know that She-Ra (and Virgos) will never give up trying.

Scorpio: Catra

Master manipulator, passionate, vengeful and disdainful of authority? Yep, that's a Scorpio. Catra is one of the most complicated characters in the series, so it goes without saying that she is one of the most emotionally complex signs. Like a Scorpio, she is selectively secretive of her true feelings for Adora all the while enjoying the cat and mouse game they engage in. And like a Scorpio, she easily finds the heart of other’s desires and manipulates them for her own gain. I hope that we see more of Catra’s hidden humanity, because there is definitely a soft spot under all that armor.

Leo: Glimmer

When Glimmer came onto the scene with her dramatics and LITERAL glitter and shine, I knew she must be a Leo. Glimmer is stubborn to a fault, has crippling self-doubt about being liked (I mean, did you see her at the prom? Girl was a mess!) and yet in the most terrifying of situations will show unyielding bravado. She just wants her friends to RELAX, as long as it’s with her and they never leave her side. Don’t worry Glimmer, we love you.

Taurus: Bow

Classic Bow. The way he make his bows ever so special and with delicate craftsmanship. The house mom cleaning up after everyone. The closet flirt. Down to get down with Seahawk on a luxurious sailboat. We see you, Bow, and your Taurus ways. Bow is a true friend, resourceful like no other and...goddamnit he’s always right.

Aquarius: Entrapta

We love Entrapta, Geek princess and Aquarian! In Aquarius fashion, Entrapta prefers robots over humans, can’t keep her feet on the ground (literally, she is always standing on her mane of purple locks!) and may be one of the few people who can actually change the world just with her mind. Entrapta is obsessed with her theory of Eternia and some may call her a monster for her experiments, but with an Aquarian god-complex, who cares either way? Keep doing you, Geek princess.

Capricorn: Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver is a Capricorn gone astray. Capricorns are natural leaders, clever manipulators and are both rule-followers and rule-breakers when it suits them. Just like a Capricorn, Shadow Weaver worked her way up the Horde’s ladder until she just couldn’t take having a boss anymore. We know the cold and withholding side of Shadow Weaver is not all there is to her (remember that dope statute of her in Mystacor?!) and we look forward to her becoming more dynamic in season two.

Libra: Perfuma

Perfuma with her winning diplomacy (girl tried so hard to work with Entrapta), distinct aesthetic and friendly air is definitely a Libra. Perfuma managed to get a date to the Princess Prom and save her people from the Horde by making a hard decision -- all the while looking fabulous. Libra just wants to be loved by everyone, so it’s no surprise that Perfuma would rather take deep breaths than confront Entrapta about the task at hand. We predict that in the next season Perfuma will serve as a master diplomat, which may come in handy concerning #Catradora? We'll see!

Gemini: Mermista

Does she love Seahawk or does she despise Seahawk? Is Mermista deep or an airhead? Is she down with the rebellion or nah? Welcome to Gemini world, where nothing makes sense and you are always kept guessing. Geminis want to be free but also loved. They want to be powerful but also taken care of. They want to be a free-flowing ocean princess that doesn’t need anyone else AND be an integral part of the rebellion. Mermista proves that you can find a princess who can do both. Keep confusing us, Mermista! We’re here for it!

Sagittarius: Seahawk

Honestly, I could tell you all the reasons why Seahawk is clearly a Sagittarius but these four Seahawk quotes really say it all:

1. “Apply for the position? I am the one and only Seahawk."

2. “Adventure!”

3. “I beat a Tyrosaur with biceps the size of my head in an arm-wrestling match that lasted two weeks.”

4. “C’mon Sparkle, we’ll sing a shanty duet and I’ll show you how to climb the ratlines.”

Need I say more? 💁🏽

Aries: Princess Frosta

When Princess Frosta was confronted with the #Catradora fiasco at the Princess Prom, I knew she was an Aries. Decisive. Dedicated. Fair. Judgmental. Impulsively angry. #Catradora definitely pushed her buttons but, dang, Princess Frosta is scary! Despite all the confusion that Princess Frosta dealt with in that episode, she still gets shit done. She saved her castle. Joined the rebellion. Told off the crazy lesbians at her party. All in a day's work for Aries.

Pisces: Scorpia

We are completely and TOTALLY here for the rebellion, but Scorpia is such a precious Pisces angel. She’s imaginative, friendly and easily absorbent of the personalities and emotions of those around her (can you imagine hanging with Catra ALL DAY?). Just like a Pisces, Scorpia may seem like she’s daydreaming all the time, but she is intensely connected to what’s going on around her. We can see this when she’s reflecting on her past traumatic experiences with the other princesses. Damn, we felt that! Scorpia is making relationships on her own terms and seeing the best in the people around her. She’s living her best Pisces life!

Cancer: Queen Angella

Other than being a literal queen of a kingdom called “Brightmoon,” there are hella reasons why Queen Angella is a Cancer. She cares so hard for all those around her and carries the deep rooted feels of her past everywhere she goes. She is an amazing mother who balances power and vulnerability incredibly well. SHE PROTECTS THE MOON STONE. Also the fact that she blurts out hurtful things without thinking because she’s honestly looking out for your impulsive ass. Yup, that’s a Cancer.


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