She-Ra Characters as Local Queers

Updated: Sep 24

By Ky Wyman and Ailey Wilder


Pretty much every queer person I know loves She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Why? Well, for a cartoon set in an alternate universe, it’s insanely relatable. The main characters are fighting against an industrialist force that wants to bring fascist control and environmental destruction to the planet. Sound familiar? Not to mention just how GAY all of the characters are! I’m talking GAY here, people. Even the ‘bad guys’! As my friends and I watched season two we kept saying, “OMG, that’s me!” or “HOLY CRAP THAT’S YOU!” and especially “Wow, do you guys feel like that’s TOTALLY something (local queer) would do?” We ended up realizing that the She-Ra characters are archetypes of queer folks that everyone could probably identify in their own community. Of course, we then had to figure out what those archetypes were and share them with you. HOW COULD WE NOT. So here they are, in all of their glory. Let us know if you agree or not and, of course, WHY!

Adora: Baby Dyke


Adora is the classic Baby Dyke. She’s always been sporty and a few queer folks have been eyeing her for a while, but she never thought she could actually be gay. Now that she is finally out, she is loVING being in the queer community for the first time! WOW! Parties! Glitter! Real friendship! There’s a certain hot angsty femme who she has complicated feelings for. You can find them glancing at each other at the monthly queer party and having quiet, intense talks over a cigarette on the back porch.

Entrapta: Local Science Queer

Entrapta was quickly accepted by the local LGBTQ+ community even though one knows exactly who invited her or where she came from. She comes off as flighty at first, until you realize she is just super into her hobbies! Studies aerospace engineering and astrology for fun and accidentally landed a job in a tech start-up after putting herself through home school. You won’t see her on the dance floor even though she sports the latest and best rave wear, because she’s usually offering tune-ups to the DJs gear for free.

Glimmer: The Community Ambassador

Glimmer getting her introverted friend to dance at the monthly lesbian party.

Everybody knows her, she puts together all of the events, and, to top it all off, has a rockin' Instagram. Glimmer definitely comes from old money and maybe complains about her mom a little too much (despite their matching outfits), but that makes her all the more resourced to bring people together and help her friends when they’re in need. Is a Leo and WANTS YOU TO KNOW.

Mermista: Too Hot 4 U Local DJ

Mermista disappearing after a long night of DJing to go smoke with her "not" boyfriend.

Mermista is super mean to you, but you love every second. She DJs the local gay goth night and takes no requests. Says she’s over her first boyfriend, but still uses him for his car and is her go-to when she’s in trouble. Prefers a night in solitude and yet will always make it out to the parties that count.

Bow: Sweetie Pie

Bow's response to ANYONE asking for help with ANYTHING in the local queer Facebook group.

Bow is best friends with the Community Ambassador and is simply the biggest sweetie pie in town. You’ve got to move? Bow’s bringing the truck. Need help coming up with a Personal? Bow’s right there to boost your confidence. Coming out to your parents? Bow will be sitting beside you holding your hand. Walks dogs for fun. Polyamorous and does it well. Respects all his partners and maybe is a little too hard on himself for being five minutes late to dates.

Catra: Angsty Hard Femme

Send those angry, sexy looks across the dance floor, Catra! Yes!

Catra is in one of the coolest punk rock bands in town, but also enjoys crying to the soft sounds of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan on a rainy Sunday evening. You’ll find her fiercely guarding her crew at a local queer warehouse party with her fixed gear bicycle. She wears leather jackets and chain smokes cigarettes, but her deepest desire is to love and to be loved. Has a dream journal, will never ever show you it. She shoots angry looks at everyone at the event but drunk texts the local baby dyke, Adora, later on. Adora loves her too, but wants her to deal with her issues before they can date.

Scorpia: The Obliviously Nice Butch

"Wanna go make-out in the bird's nest?"

Scorpia is the overwhelmingly nice butch that lives in your area. She genuinely likes everyone and is fully unaware that there could be people in the world who don’t like her. Scorpia spends her time at the steel yard where she she makes delicate iron flowers for a mean femme who doesn’t fully appreciate her. Well-dressed, always. Looks hard, is not.

Perfuma: Herbal Bitch

Perfuma coming home with ANOTHER set of vines for her front room while her partner looks on horrified.

Perfuma is the effortlessly beautiful herbal bitch in your queer community. She has asked you twice now if you have space for a raised bed in your backyard and can’t stop talking about the virtues of apple cider vinegar. Her apartment looks like an Anthropology wet dream, but she only shops from local vendors. Hosts weekly QT yoga mediations in her parent’s greenhouse, but you still catch her cursing under her breath every once and a while when her WiFi connection is weak. Will binge watch any Netflix show with a happy romantic ending.

Frosta: Next Generation Queer

Frosta doesn't quite know how to act yet, but we love that lil cutie.

Frosta is by far the youngest person in your queer community. They don't have a lot of support from their family, so you find them leaning on you a lot for dating advice and rides. Their naive and optimistic perspective on queerness might come off as annoying at times, but they have a big heart and hey, we all started somewhere! Frosta is REALLY into social justice and just wants to prove to everyone how badass they are. Their astute analysis of political issues always surprises you.

Swift Wind: Favorite Local Drag Queen

The opening sequence to a twenty minute long tribute to Nelly Furtado.

Swift Wind is loud, proud and always trying to lift the mood with a good joke or show off a new dance move. New to the drag scene, but is super sure of themselves and HERE FOR YOU. Started doing drag when their bff was getting rid of their femme clothes and felt instantly transformed. Their look is so fierce that everyone’s jaw dropped when they first strutted on stage. Is a self-proclaimed influencer and spends time making motivational YouTube videos to inspire other gays to “free” themselves from heteronormative expectations. They insist on performing original songs despite the strict covers-only rule at the local drag night.

Shadow Weaver: Old School Feminist

Shadow Weaver's face when someone questions her outdated ideas about gender and sexuality.

Shadow Weaver was around for the summer of love and has a lot of useful information on queer history, but she can’t seem wrap her head around the singular “they” pronoun. Was a radical lesbian at one point in her life, but of late has become less welcoming of new expressions of gender and sexuality. If she was able to open her mind she would be a huge asset to the community!


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