Five Predictions for Magicians Season 4

The Magicians is my favorite show on television right now.

It has delicately tackled rape, mental illness, pain, grief, joy and resilience, all the while enchanting us with the brilliant and whimsical world of Fillory. After marathoning the first season of Magicians on Netflix, I quickly devoured all three of the Lev Grossman novels and became a Fillorian for life. The television series has been steadily gaining success and this past week was renewed for a fifth season, despite being only one episode into season four! This is due to a talented cast and a fearless showrunner, Sera Gamble, whose main ambition in life is to write about rape culture. We are currently two episodes into season four and my mind is already racing with all the possibilities.

Here are my top five theories for how this season will pan out!

(Caution: spoilers from the books ahead!)

1. Janet/Margo will go on the epic quest promised to us in Lev Grossman’s The Magicians Land

In the final novel of The Magicians trilogy, The Magician’s Land, Janet goes on a quest through a wintry desert. The mission forces Janet to stand firm in her power despite impossible (and certainly patriarchal) odds. Basically, in the book Janet ends up going full Rambo on everybody who gets in her way. In this season of Magicians, Lord Fresh alludes to Janet’s epic quest when he introduces the idea of her “birth box.” Could this be the opening to Janet’s journey? We do remember Summer Bishil stating that filming episode 10 of this year’s season was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences she’s had on Magicians. Seeing as this was Janet’s seminal moment in the books, we predict that it will also be her seminal moment in the television series.

2. Julia is still a goddess.

In the second episode of this season, we see Julia/Kim committing suicide by electrocution over and over again in order to overload the magic battery that is keeping the witness protection spell alive. Julia/Kim continues to come back to life to Todd’s surprise. Is Julia immortal? Or is it just part of the spell? Our theory is that Julia is still a goddess because of her power move at Blackspire. In a herculean effort, Julia selflessly gave up her powers to save magic and her friends. Based on my little knowledge of mythology, that does seem like it could be a ticket to god-level status.

3. Quelliot could happen?

Even though Elliot is currently being body-snatched by the worst monster ever, I still see chemistry between the two characters. This could definitely just be friendship but, based on their past, I have to wonder if there is something more at play here? In addition, I am under the impression that there is no hope for Alice and Quentin's relationship. Alice is in her own game now and, at this point, it has been three years since they have been together. I would be happy to see these characters move on from each other. Bring on the gay!

4. Penny is a major player in library politics

Since Penny ate that ominous cupcake in season 3 after making a deal WITH

HADES, our pugnacious character is nowhere to be found. In our Penny’s place, we are gifted with Penny 23. Penny 23 is a more mellow version of our Penny and is absolutely in love with Julia (and they have 🔥 chemistry). That leaves us to wonder: where is our Penny? In Magician’s Land, Penny returns as a head librarian in opposition to Quentin. We have a theory that in the show our Penny will return having risen through the ranks of the Library and be "against" Quentin and the team, only to save his friends at the last minute. It may be possible that he really does betray everyone he's ever loved, but we have a hard time believing that. Why? Because of Kady. In the books, Penny did not have a romantic relationship but in the television series, he is head over heels for Kady and has proven that he will do anything for her. Thus, we think that Penny will initially appear as an enemy but save the day in the end.

5. Marina is a magical career criminal

In season four, it is hilarious and slightly nerve-wracking to watch our gang of magicians put such blind faith in Marina the “benevolent witch.” One of the moments that sticks to my mind is when Kady/Sam, Penny 23/Hanzel, Josh/Isaac and Margo/Janet step into her home and they remark on how beautiful Marina’s house is. She response is, “Thank you, I worked hard to steal it.” We know that The Magician's Land is largely about a heist for magical objects and perhaps Marina is the key to that story line? All I know is, I am so ready for that magic carpet scene from the books!

Got your own theories for season four and beyond? Drop em' in the comments!


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