Alex & Elise: Fantasy Lesbian Erotica

Chapter One: The Morning


“Yes, Elise. You have to. The meeting is soon. In fact, it’s in 10 minutes.”

Elise burrowed further under the blankets, her tiny pointed ear sticking out between the folds.

“No. I hate you.”

Alexandra laughed and tried to pull back the white comforter with her long fingers.

“Do you really?”


“Are you sure you want me to go away? Or do you want some help waking up?” Silence from underneath the blankets, then some mumbling that was inaudible through the fabric. 

“Excuse me, what was that?” Alexandra said quietly, smiling.

“I want help.” Alex could hear the smile in Elise’s voice. 

“Well, alright then. Let’s see what I can do.” She moved slowly to the end of the bed where Elise’s feet lay bare, facing up. Placing a knee on either side of Elise’s legs, she spread her large palms over Elise’s thighs and pushed up the blanket until her thighs were uncovered. She could hear Elise’s heart starting to pump blood faster, specifically to one place, and she felt her own breathing start to quicken with each rising of Elise’s pulse. Her two fangs slid out of her gums without her instruction, meaning she was almost out of control. Almost. She brought her mouth close to the inside of Elise’s right thigh, smooth and full of goosebumps. Her dark hair fell across her eyes as she looked up to see Elise pulling the blanket off her face.

Alex looked at Elise for a moment longer, delicately playing with the soft skin inside of her thighs while she did, taking in her look of desperate want that had replaced that tired look of a few moments earlier. Delighting in her still-quickening pulse and increasing blood flow, she asked in a playful drawl, “What do you think will most motivate you out of bed?” 

Without waiting for a response, she trailed her long fingers from the fairy’s thigh to that place where the majority of her blood rushed to, eliciting a sharp gasp. Alex continued lazily circling that spot, keeping her eyes fixed on Elise’s flushing face as she felt her own breathing intensifying and her face changing into its more predatory form. 

“Please Alex,” Elise murmured, squirming against Alex's hand and opening her eyes to see the vampire's blackened stare and slightly opened, heavily breathing mouth featuring two protruding, long fangs. The sight excited her all the more and with her face glowing she again, more firmly pleaded, “Alex, please.”

Alex could not find it in her to respond with words, herself being in such an aroused frenzy, and instead took the small fairy in her arms and in one swift motion had her off of the bed, pinned upright against the wall, Elsie’s legs around her waist, with her fingers still where Elsie needed them most.

Collecting herself for a moment, she smirked, keeping a thoroughly lustful, hungry gaze as she whispered, “Well it looks like I’ve successfully gotten you out of bed,” her fingers slowing as she spoke. 


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